DJ Marv Presents Dance’killz 3D…The Electromix

Right on the back of the eclectic and critically acclaimed Summer Mix series, DJ Marv the Maverick delves into the world of Electrodance music again. This mix will keep you jumping and on your toes for many moons to come. From Miami to Ibiza to Dublin to Lagos the mix is turbocharged and in 3D.

Its a fusion DJ Marv Style.

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Special shout out to all the Artists whose works were used.

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Disclaimer – All mixes made by DJ Marv the Maverick for Marv Mixxes are provided free-of-charge and are for promotional use only. They are not to be redistributed or sold for any price. DJ Marv does not endorse music piracy or the control of the music industry by corporate entities or radio station programmers that play music because is reaches their target demographics (people that spend money on advertiser’s products). This is why all mixes are free

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